Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Doodles, The Studly Jackson Browne, & More Jason Schwartzman References

[ My Jackson Browne doodle. (Click to enlarge.) ©Amy Hood ]

Here's my monthly doodle for our entertainment writers at The OC Gazette magazine. They covered NAMM 2011 this issue and Jackson Browne was one of the artists they got to see perform live, so I thought I'd sketch Jackson the month. I didn't have a pen, so this one is in pencil, but I think it's my best yet! What a handsome devil Browne is. Seeing him always reminds me of the movie Funny People and how Seth Rogen is always telling Jason Schwartzman's character who gets all the ladies, "we can't all look like Jackson Browne."

The weather has been so nice out. I think I'll hit the beach tomorrow then get some work in on my drawing for Neil's cd cover. I need to post some progress shots of that. Me and Jen are doing it together, which is kind of fun!

- Amy
Listening to: Crowded House's "In My Command"

[ Cheeseball smile. ]


  1. hahaha, funny people, such a great line in that movie. as always ames, amazing work! seriously, you're insane. it's divine :)

  2. Awww... Jen, you're a good sister. haha


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