Thursday, February 3, 2011

Constellation Tattoos, My Love Affair With Stars, & More Shameless Self Endorsement

[Click to enlarge. ©Amy Hood, 2011]

My friend Ariel Kotsiris is an apprentice over at Newport Tattoo. The other day he posted on facebook that he was giving out free tattoos. Yep, I said free. I guess it's all in the spirit of "practice makes perfect" and "you can't complain if it's a shitty tattoo since it was free and I'm learning." Either way, Ari is a really good artist and I've already seen some of the other tattoos he's pumped out, so I have decided to place my life - and skin - in his hands. I just can't pass up a free tattoo. 

He's only offering solid black and script tattoos, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get the constellation tattoo I have long been pondering. [Side Note: I have a thing for stars. A big thing. When I say "a thing" I mean in the way that Steve McQueen had a thing for motorcycles; or the way that Joan Rivers has a thing for plastic surgery. Most of you who know me, know that stargazing is one of my favorite pastimes. Don't get me started on meteor showers.] At first I thought I wanted a tattoo of a real constellation, but the more I thought about it the more I realized how cool it would be to make up my own constellation. So for the next week-ish on this blog I am going to post a poster a day of the constellation illustrations I've dreamed up. Each poster will contain four illustrations based on a constellation theme. Above is my first constellation: "The Reindeer."

I believe in democracy, so after I've posted all the illustrations, I'll post a poll where you can vote on which one I should get forever emblazoned upon my skin. 

Check out Poster #2 in this Constellation Tattoos Series studying The Bear by clicking here! You can also purchase posters on here.

- Amy
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Which is your favorite Reindeer constellation?
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  1. woah, ames, these are all so ridiculously cool. how the heck do you do this? it upsets and joys me!


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