Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hipster Jesus, Feal Mor Boutique, and Waylon Jennings

Inspiration of the Day: This invitation for the exclusive men's label Feal Mor

I'm pretty positive it's a depiction of Jesus with neck tats on a hipster bike. I really do think God would approve of this. I also love the logo. It reminds me a lot of the design that Australian motorcycle company Deus puts out. The designer behind Feal Mor is Everloving Records co-owner and Frenchie JP Plunier. When describing the label and the meaning of it's name JP explained, Feal Mor” means faithful to the sea. Meaning ‘we are pirates.’ No land. No borders.” 

Inspiring my ears right now? The "Waylon Jennings: Greatest Hits" vinyl spinning on my record player. Best part? I got it for a dollar, so it has more than paid for itself now seeing as I've listened to it four times since I bought it on Sunday. Shout out to my friend Mighty Mitch for helping me sift through the stacks and stacks of Barry Manilow and Barbara Streisand records to find it. 

- Amy
Listening to: Waylon Jennings' "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?"


  1. That's such an awesome poster and great label name :-) xoxoxoxo

  2. Amy: I spoke with God earlier today, and He was not pleased with you. Fortunately, Waylon put in a good word, so you're okay for now. They don't have lightning on the West Coast, do they?

  3. Isn't it F.C.?

    JJ: Luckily lightning is a rare commodity over here! haha. It has been storming recently though, so thank the Lord for Waylon!


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