Monday, January 17, 2011

Quarter Life Crises, Fullerton a.k.a Degenerate Central, & My Wish List


This weekend I shopped for a birthday gift to celebrate my lovely friend Sonya's quarter-life crisis. Yep, she turned the big 25 recently, and we celebrated with a night of dancing at the Continental Room in Fullerton. Fullerton is not what I remember it. It was like "Gotham City" out there, as my friend Cam put it. Like all the degenerates of society had been booted out of their cities and shuttled into downtown Fullerton to reside. Cops were swarming everywhere, a whole street was blocked off with cop cars trying to book some guy and drag him off to jail, and as we turned down this alley to reach our destination there was an ambulance screaming away leaving two giant puddles of blood behind. Overall, however, we had a fabulous night with great friends.

On my expedition to find my friend Sonya the perfect birthday present (I ended up getting her this really cool book) I found so many rad things. it was all I had not to buy something for myself. Here are 5 things I found that have been added to my ongoing "wish list."

1. These "Forget Me Not" notecards from amandamonkey.

2. One of these bitchin' Cycle Zombies tees.

3. This book: The Selby Is In Your Place, by Orange County bred photographer Todd Selby a.k.a The Selby. It's photos of different celebrities, entertainers, and people of note in their native habitats. It's really interesting and beautiful.

4. This hat. It's so Anita Pallenberg.

5. This lace dress from Promises Promises.

- Amy
Listening to: Ella Fitzgerald's "The Very Thought Of You"


  1. Thanks Sergio! I aim to please. :)

  2. My friend tristan ellis did the art for the cycle zombie t.

  3. No way! I love their design. Did he also draw the logo on their blog header? THAT'S rad.


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