Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mucha Tattoos, Painting Progress & Art Shows

After gabbing with my dear friend and muse, Sara Wilkins, last night on the phone I was finally prepared to tackle the tattoos portion of my portrait of her. They are based on the Alfonse Mucha painting "Moët & Chandon - Dry Impérial."

Original Tattoo Sketch. Click to enlarge.
I sketched it out days ago, re-drew it to clean it up, reverse traced a backwards copy on my light table, and then transferred it onto the painting by placing the graphite side of the illustration on my canvas and rubbing the back with a pencil. Cheap, easy transfer method since I don't have a projector. 

Then I mixed a tattoo color out of my mixed skin tone I saved, black, and green. I was going for a semi faded tattoo color. Then it was just trying to keep my shaky hands steady to outline the tattoo. Why is it that there is NEVER a small enough brush? I need a liner brush that is medium length with like two bristle hairs. Then maybe I could get the fine detail I need! Somebody needs to get on this. 

In other BIG news, I will be headlining an art show in Downtown Santa Ana Arts District this upcoming September! I'll keep you posted on more details as I get them. I'm going to be showing mostly these portraits. I want to try to get two more wrapped up for it. I want to paint a bearded man really badly. And a surf rat. I've got a few friends in the queue to do, so we shall see what happens! I'm thinking I won't be getting much work done till after the playoffs. Gotta cheer my Lakers on to victory. Playoffs, baby!

Progress shots of the tattoo painting below. 

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