Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vintage Motorcycle Photos, Planning The Photo of The Century, & More Inspiration

Inspiration of the Day: These vintage motorcycle photos. I still really want to paint someone on a motorcycle. I've got a photo of my friend Kevin next to his bike that I plan to paint, but I'd also like to do an action shot, mid air, balls out. Not literally of course. The only problem is capturing that perfect shot on film so that I can have something to paint from. Me and my photographer friend Taylor Herron are working on somehow doing this currently. We're problem solvers, so worry not my friends - this photo will one day be captured in all it's glory to be forever emblazoned on canvas by yours truely. It'll be the collab of the century.


- Amy
Listening to: Danzig's "Mother"

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  1. Love the last photo. I have a similar bike. Great shots!


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