Friday, January 21, 2011

My Oh-So Talented Sister Jen, My Oh-So Talented Friend Nathan Gregory, and Pancake Heaven

[ Yenny (left) and me. ]

Most of you know that I am a twin, and that my sister Jen is a seriously talented lass. I know we're twins and we're supposed to look alike, but I think it is so interesting that we both got an artistic streak. Everyone's favorite question when they discover this is, "who's better?" But honestly, neither us nor our art teachers could even answer this question. Our styles have been gravitating towards different mediums of recent, however. I've been doing more painting and Jen is getting really into illustration. She just finished a comic with our really good friend Nathan Gregory, who we grew up with in Kentucky but who now resides in the Big Apple! It's called Pancake Heaven, and it's ingenious. The art is amazing and the characters that Nathan created are so rad. This is just the first comic to introduce the characters. They are submitting it to into a contest. The winner gets their comic published. I looked at the competition and I think they've got it in the bag! Enjoy.

- Amy
Listening to: Ray Lamontagne's "Can I Stay"


  1. No need to compare. I love both of you. Your work is superb! I must admit that Pancake Heaven, as I have mentioned many times, is my favorite. I would love to see you work together and get out some posters!

  2. We're workin' on it JJ! Posters to come!


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