Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work In Progress, What Could Have Been, & Newport Beach Tattoo: Costa Mesa

Here are some shots of an old half finished painting I found the other day. I started it at a live painting show for a World AIDS Summit event at Saddleback Church. My friend Juli Hueni (who is now your current reigning Miss Newport Beach by the way!) was in charge and graciously invited me to set up and easel and paint. I got the clouds done at the show, and then finished the face in another sitting, but now both times I was painting in a really dim lit environment. So now I look at it and there are tons of holes in the coverage of the paint all over the canvas. Which is a bummer since I'd have to remix all those colors to finish it. I also lost the photo I was going off of to get her anatomy right, which is a bummer. In a wierd way, though, I kind of like that it may never be finished. There's something mysterious and intriguing about it being only half completed that I like. Like it's potential is greater now than the finished product will probably ever be. I think I'm yammering now. So at this point I will bid you ado, go brush my teeth while I do a few toe raises and squats (multi-tasking, people) and then try and finish up a comissioned project I'm working on for my friend Neil Oyler. My sister, Jen, and I are designing his CD cover for his band Four Years Later. Exciting!

P.S. If you're in the Newport Beach area, head over to the new Newport Beach Tattoo shop in Costa Mesa! It's right next to Second Spin on Newport Blvd. I've got a few pieces on display at the shop along with a ton of other great art from the grand opening including work from talented tattoo artists Jake Underwood, Ryan Hopper, Kareem Masarani, Ariel Kotsiris, Justin Hobson and more!

Newport Beach Tattoo Costa Mesa: 
1765 Newport Bl. 
Costa Mesa, Ca 92627 

- Amy
Listening to: The Walkmen's "The Rat"

[Even back then I already had a love of halos. I tried to give her a Birth-of-Venus-esque pose. I really like the composition and the renaissance feel of it.]

[ I love the green, eerie clouds the most about this painting. The most amazing thing is that when you look really closely at them they're really just blobs of paint. Clouds are one of my favorite things to paint. You can also see how the canvas is showing through from this shot. ]

[ I think my anatomy has improved since these early days of painting. Her frame looks a little wonky. ]

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