Monday, November 8, 2010

Clint Eastwood, OMG Tattoos, And Living Vicariously Through Others

Those of you who know me know that I have long been pondering and coveting a Clint Eastwood tattoo. Yes, Clint's ugly, wrinkly, slanty-eyed mug somewhere permanently emblazoned on my flesh. It sounds crazy, but if it's one thing I've realized after three tattoos, it's that they're not as serious as I once thought they were. Sure, they're forever, but that doesn't mean that every one you get has to have some deep and philosophical meaning. I realized recently that the tattoos I like most on others are their "random" tattoos or "mistake" tattoos. Like my friend Tim has a smiley face tattooed on his knee cap along with a tattoo that got sabotaged after a fuzzy drunken night (it was the Las Vegas sign that was supposed to read "The Fabulous Las Vegas," but now reads "The Fagulous Las Vegas"). Or my friend Ryan, who got "Play it Loud Fuckers" tattooed on his foot one night when he was on drank. He says he'll have to get it removed for his grandkids, but I say those are the ones that give us character. Or I saw this girl who worked at the makeup counter at the mall who had a portrait of Lon Chaney as Frankenstein. I can't imagine that has any emotional meaning to her, but it was nonetheless awesome

[Figure 1. Eastwood oozing cool in The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.]

[Movie Poster for The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.]

Which is what got me thinking that I really wanted a portrait of a really iconic pop culture figure. Whether it be real man, or myth. After much deliberation and many worthy candidates (Humphrey Bogart, Bob Dylan, John Wayne, to name a few), only one remained in my mind: The Man Without A Name... that is, Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. This Eastwood Leoni masterpiece is a tradition in my family. My twin sister and I are often referred to as Blondie or Shorty, and the film along with it's sequels are often on the bill for our Forced Family Fun Nights. Aside from all of this, who oozes rugged cool and confidence more than that character [see Fig. 1]? The poncho contrasting with his cowboy boots and hat betraying his vagabond lifestyle, that skinny little cigar clinging for dear life between his tightly clenched teeth, those eyes fixed in a perma-squint on the wide open horizon, that intrepid contrapposto stance, need I continue? 

I still have yet to make the final decision, as I am running out of places that I'd want to get inked. I don't want to be covered which is proving problematic, seeing as I have so many ideas for tattoos I'd like. Until I'm sure one way or the other, I'll just oooh and ahhh over these guys' amazing Clint tattoos. First two are my faves.

[Kyle J. Ligenza's tattoo by Jamie Cross of Nightmare Tattoo]

[Tattoo by Cecil Porter. Won best of Show in 09 in Mesa, AZ.]

 [Matt Lang's Eastwood Tattoo by Dave Wallin.]

 [Eastwood Tattoo by Nick D'Angelo.]

 [Outlaw Josey Wales Tattoo by Ryan Cook. If I got this one I could get "Hell's Comin' For Breakfast" in a banner below him. Best line in the movie.]

 [Another one from Ryan Cook of Anchor Tattoos and Piercings, this one of Dirty Harry.]

 [Clint Eastwood tattoo by Remigijus Cizauskas.]

 [Clint Eastwood tattoo by Brandon Bennett of South of Heaven Tattoo.]

- Amy
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  1. chest piece!

    kidding....or am i?
    you should totally get clint ames! or maybe just his "little cigar clinging for dear life between his tightly clenched teeth" ?

  2. Clint is the coolest! However, now it's a question of where to put him. Don't Hang 'Em too High.

  3. I know! Where to put him is the conundrum indeed. Side? Back? Inside arm? NOT the bicep that's for sure. I don't want any manly tattoos. Chest piece might be a little too gnarly for me too, Blythe haha!

  4. i like this tatooo


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