Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Greaser Dream Come True: Casting Call for Social Distortion Music Video

Rockabilly is a beautiful thing. Some purists would say that mixing punk rock and bluegrass is wrong, but in the case of rockabilly, two wrongs make a right. If you really think about it, rock n' roll evolved from roots and bluegrass music. Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker... all were noted as major influences by rock icons like The Stones, CCR, Elvis Presley, and Led Zeppelin. Bluegrass and country wasn't all gospel hymns and yodeling. Ever heard Johnny Cash sing "Cocaine Blues"? What's more punk rock and angsty than that?

For all of you who share my love of country/punk/rock n' roll/rockabilly, I have news for you. If you're in the LA/OC area, Orange County legends Social Distortion are filming a music video for their new song “Machine Gun Blues” and they are looking for extras. It's my chance to meet my favorite grease monkey. Sure he's an old crusty grease monkey these days, but somehow that doesn't detract from his gritty, rebellious charms. In my book, the more wrinkly, the blurrier the tattoos, the better. It means they've lived a life and they aren't going to end it without a truck load of good stories to tell from it.

The video takes place in the 1930’s they are looking for people 18 or older who have 1930’s apparel, cars or any other time period specific items/props. If you own a 1930's vehicle, the car must be 1934 or earlier. If you fit this criteria and want more info, send an email to with the following info included: 

-  Name
-  Age
-  Location
-  Photo
-  Contact info (email and phone number)
-  Details about 1930’s wardrobe and props

[ The new album from Social Distortion: Hard times And Nursery Rhymes. ]

So all you greaser sick boys and sick girls, get out your leather jacket and blue jeans, slick back your pomp and bust out your whitest muscle tee - it's your chance to hang out with Mike Ness and the crew and talk cars, women and music. A greaser dream come true.

- Amy
Listening to: Social Distortion's "Highway 101"


  1. Rockabilly is a beautiful thing indeed. I have the bike and the jacket, but I shave my head. Oh well, I will still give Social Distortion a shot. Thanks for the tip.

  2. JJ, I want to see proof of this! Pictures on your blog please. haha


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