Thursday, January 13, 2011

Revolution Radio, The Masterminds At LA Times Magazine, And Vintage Beer Can Design

[ Logo for Revolution Radio on KUCI FM. ]

I designed a little emblem for Revolution Radio (on KUCI 88.9 FM) in Irvine about a year ago. It was initially just for use in a blog I was writing to promote the amazing independent local radio station, but the powers that be over at Revolution Radio liked the design so much they decided to adopt it as their new logo. They've also asked me to come up with some more ideas for them to use as well, so I'll most likely be posting more Revolution Radio designs on here soon. 

Vintage Beer Can Design courtesy of LA Times Magazine's 50 series

50 is a regular feature at LA Times Magazine where they spotlight a collection of 50 items with a common theme for your viewing pleasure. They've done everything from 50 Snow Globes, to 50 Celebrity Homes, to 50 of the Greatest Guitarists Ever. Just another reason I love LA Times Magazine

Alcohol companies always have envy-worthy design and branding, and it seems this is no new thing having looked at this most recent edition of 50. The list comes from the book Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans.  Take a look and be inspired!

- Amy
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  1. Wow! Great collection. I have traveled extensively through the beer drinking countries of Europe (and I think I even tasted one once), but I don't know most of these brands. Let me know if they need someone to taste the dark ones!


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