About Amy Hood

This blog contains the art and cultural musings of a girl named Amy Hood - a tiny blonde who loves a good laugh, great tattoos, and only the best rock n' roll. Based out of Newport Beach, CA, she is a graphic designer and artist. She co-owns Hoodzpah Art + Graphics, an exciting up and coming art and design firm, with her lovely twin sister Jennifer Hood. Check out their work and read more at www.WeGotHoodzpah.com. She is a Lakers fan, an amateur fashion enthusiast and among the many items on her bucket list are getting into a bar fight, making the popular page on instagram (#moveoverboo #you'repuppychow), and selling a piece of art to a B-list celebrity and/or athlete.

Instagram: @amyhoodlum
Facebook: Hoodzpah
Twitter: @amy_hoodlum

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