Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inspiration of the Day, More Collabs, and Dip-Dying My Hair

Inspiration of the Day: These girls. Whoever they are.

Side Note: I really want to dip-dye my hair like the girl at the top. Maybe all of it. Maybe just a section. I'm thinking I just want to do a section on the bottom near the front. I want to die mine like a feather though with different colors. My dearest friend David happens to be a hairstylist extraordinaire on top of being a clever son of a gun (we've got a kids book in the works), and he said he'd do it for me, so I think I'll just go for it. It can always grow out, or if worse comes to worse, be died back to semi-normal. Carpe Diem!

- Amy 
Listening to: Jay Buchanan's "Feel Better"


  1. ames! i've been wanting to do this with the teal color too! haha. geeze we're creepy. as always, nice song selection.

  2. Amy: Since I have never even been semi-normal, it sounds good to me. A '60s look?


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