Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Are What You Wear, The Usual Suspects, & Why I Have A Crush On Benicio Del Toro

I really like this girl's coat... and bag... and general overall look. I mean, how many people do you know that can pull of a yellow furry/feather coat? Exactly. If I could afford her coat (which no doubt I can't) I would rock it. Until then, I'm sticking with my 20 dolla' Forever 21 faux fur vest. I realize this is my art blog, but it is ALSO a blog chronicling my life and thoughts. Art is a reflection of the artist. So I always like to know about the artist as a person behind the canvas. There is nothing more annoying than an artist with an about me page that has one sentence. I'm kind of being hypocritical here because my about me page is extremely vague as well, but I seek to remedy that in posts like these that fill you in on the fashion, design, music, film, thoughts, etc. that mold and shape me into who I am. 

Maybe it's vain - I don't think it is, but some would say it is - but I think how you dress says a lot about you. Not in a judgemental way, but it is how you are choosing to portray yourself to the world. Whether you're taking a lot of care or not about what you wear or not, you're portraying something about how much you do or don't care. I like clothes and fashion. I think it's another way of being artistic everyday without picking up a paint brush. So here is what I wore yesterday. I wonder what it says about me to the world? I like all the psychology stuff.

Dress: (Well actually shirt- I have a problem with making over sized shirts into dresses. My sister yells at me all the time for it.) Alexander Wang T.
Boots: Vintage Frye boots from a Goodwill in my old hometown in KY. These bad boys were only 5 bucks. Best $5 I ever spent.
Vest: Forever 21
Belt: Nordstrom
Knee High Nylons: Target
Necklace: Hiya Moon bullet crystal necklace

INSPIRATION OF THE DAY: This ingenious clip from The Usual Suspects.

I have a crush on Benicio Del Toro in this movie. I can't explain why. The below clip is the best explanation I can give.

- Amy
Listening to: Mumford & Sons' "Gave You All"

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