Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspiration of the Day: Nolan Hall, More Cheesy Metaphors, & A Little Richard Hawley

[ ©Nolan Hall ]


Nolan Hall is one of my favorite photographers. He's up there with Kyle Lightner. And like Mr. Lightner, he has an innate ability to capture that Southern California joie de vivre within a 35 mm frame like Jim Croce captured time in a bottle.  Cheesy metaphor. Forgive me. Especially when speaking of such bad ass, gritty photos as these. 

I have yet to meet the man in person, but via social media I've come to know this kid, and I'm pretty sure he might be omnipotent. Nolan Hall is everywhere and knows everyone. The former member of the Japanese Motors photographs famous surfers, skaters, musicians, models and more; He works with the likes of Vans and RVCA; I even found him amidst the pages of my Spin Magazine one time in a two page spread photo with Modest Mouse (see Fig. 1: He's the very tall gentleman in the Captain's hat). Hat's off to you Mr. Hall. You're clearly doin' things right. Check out some of my favorite photos by the OC native below, and don't forget to head over to his blog to further stimulate your eyeballs.

Listening to: Richard Hawley's "Tonight The Streets Are Ours"

[ Fig. 1: Nolan Hall in my Spin Magazine with Modest Mouse. Livin' the dream, Nolan. Livin' the dream.]

[ Alex Kopps and boards. ©Nolan Hall ]

[ Alex Knost (former singer of Japanese Motors). ©Nolan Hall ]

[ Black Lips. ©Nolan Hall ]

[ Christian Fletcher. ©Nolan Hall ]

[ CJ Nelson. ©Nolan Hall ]

[The Fuck Yeah Fest. ©Nolan Hall ]

[ Keegan Sauder. ©Nolan Hall ]

[ Matt Archibald. ©Nolan Hall ]

[ Austin Stephens. ©Nolan Hall ]

[ Tyler Warren. ©Nolan Hall ]

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  1. it's good on the eyes. the photos are rad! cheers, Nolan


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