Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Clash, Bob Gruen, & When Rock Stars Go Soft

[ What a bunch of studs. ]

INSPIRATION OF THE DAY: Bob Gruen's Photographs of The Clash

Some things I know about The Clash:
1. They were a bunch of extremely dapper and stylish gents.
2. They were not really gents. More like punks. Which makes me like them more.
3. They were inspired by The Sex Pistols.
4. They hated the Beatles, Elvis, and The Stones... or that's what I learned from "1977." Funny how they hated "classic rock," but then ended up opening for The Who on their farewell tour. I guess everyone ends up going soft. It happened to Clapton, it happened to Sting, it happened to Aerosmith... sighhh.
4. They were rebels with a cause - frequently in trouble, and often singing about or for social matters.
5. Joe Strummer scored the soundtrack for Walker, starring Ed Harris. I know - who knew?
6. Strummer at one time wanted to be a cartoonist and was enrolled in the London Central School of Art & Design, before getting kicked out.

- Amy
Listening to: The Clash's "London Calling"


  1. ohhhh the clash makes me weak in the knees!!! great post :)


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