Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Smitten with Sequins, More Fashion I can't Afford, & The Hilarious Dayna Copeland

[Fig. 1: Dress - Balmain]

I realllly want this dress [Fig. 1]. I doubt I can afford it seeing it was spotted on the runways of Paris over fashion week. Maybe if I go on ebay I can find this equally rad one from last season [see Fig. 2]. I'm still guessing I'd have to sell an organ or make a deal with the devil to pay for this gem though. Maybe I'll hire someone to make me one. Like my super talented (and HILARIOUS) fashion designer friend, Dayna Copeland. Do yourself a favor right now and check out her blog, Dayna Nicole: A Motley Shrew. Her blog title is even clever. Get ready to flex those abs, because laughter will ensue. This is one of my favorite posts: Leave Megan Fox Alone.

[Fig. 2]

- Amy
Listening to: Morrissey's "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"


  1. I'm in love that Balmain dress!

  2. I know! I reallllly need it. Yes, need. haha

  3. My street cred just went up like 10,000 points!! youre the best. and you'll be happy to know that im working on my own clothing line as we speak - i'll be sure to add a sequined number just for you ;) holla


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