Monday, March 14, 2011

My New Book Cover Design, Humphrey Bogart, & My Grandfather (John Wayne's Long Lost Twin)

[Fig. 1]

I was recently inspired by a rad set of posters [see Fig. 2 - 3] my sister made up in dedication to one of Hollywood's greatest leading men, Humphrey Bogart (whom I adore). She's also been making some pretty fun mock book covers just to practice her design. So I decided to design my own faux book cover for fun. Having recently confessed to you all my very strange crush on Bill the Butcher I thought I'd design a book cover for a biography on his life. I limited myself to a little over an hour. Above is how it turned out [see Fig. 1].  

The author on the layout is Warren J., the name of my grandpa on my mom's side. We're all pretty sure he was John Wayne's long lost twin brother. Paul Harvey even told a story about his on his "The Rest of The Story" radio segment once. Belligerent after a night of drinking, Grandpa Jost rode his horse INTO the Best Western hotel in Bowling Green, KY and demanded a room for him and his horse. He even looked like John Wayne at a towering 6' 3" and never without his cowboy hat and snakeskin boots. He could build anything, tame any animal, and effortlessly woo any woman. He also never drove anything but a Cadiallac. Now that's old time Hollywood class right there. He was a true cowboy. 

[Fig. 2]

[Fig. 3]

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  1. sigh, the legendary warren "warnie" jost. had a dream about him and happy jack the other night. so strange! gotta find some old pics of him.

  2. Bogey was the best! BTW, he spelled his nickname Bogie, differently than everyone else. Just a little trivia. I have one of his posters on my classroom wall - along with Elvis, Marilyn, and James Dean.

  3. Love your covers, and your g-pa sounds bad ass! Was he your today-mentioned grandma's husband? what a pair! only heels and lipstick and only cadillacs. that's how it's done!

  4. Yep, that's the one, Blythe! Yep, only heels, lipstick and cadillacs. The Josts were a class act!


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