Monday, February 28, 2011

All That Glitters Is Gold, Tamara Lichtenstein, & My Days Playing Fiddle In The Band

I think of that line from "Stairway To Heaven" when I look at Tamara Lichtenstein's photography: "all that glitters is gold." It reminds me of dusk and summer and stardust. She blends her photos with photos of stars or sun pouring through the leaves of a tree and the results are magical. It's like a real life Wonderland. I want my life to be a haze of sunlight and stardust. It also reminds me of all my mom's old photos from the 70's in Huntington Beach. They're all gritty and golden and warm.  I've got to find some so I can post them. My mom was a little beach bunny and my pops was quite the stud.

What else is inspiring me these days? Well I've been listening to a lot of bluegrass music. Mainly instrumental. I never thought I would ever say this, but after listening to music at work for 8 hours a day everyday, you start to get - gasp - tired of music! It's at that point you want something soothing and melodic but easy to kind of zone out to. That's when I put on one of my classical, soundtracks/scores, or bluegrass iPod mixes. No words - just music. Sweet, sweet music.

I played the violin in orchestra when I lived in NY growing up, and then when we moved to KY my sister and I played in our uncle's bluegrass band too. Those experiences taught me a lot about genres most kids never really get into because they're too busy listening to N'Sync on repeat (although I did my fair share of that. Side Note: I used to run home from the schoolbus to catch "Tearing Up My Heart" at Number one TRL everyday of 7th grade. Ahhhh what a hormonal little tween I was.) It really makes me want to learn the slide guitar or the banjo. I should really just practice my violin since I already know how to play that one. Me and Jen tried to jam the other day, violin and piano. I'm pretty positive I heard the neighbors' cats howling. Practice makes perfect though!

- Listening to: The Infamous Stringsters' "Fork In the Road"

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