Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OC Gazette Logos, Bringing Back The Monocle, & Crushing On Bill The Butcher

[Fig. 1Mr. G. He's wearing an monocle - see it? Doesn't he look so dapper and clever? Be cautious of him however - he's a man of mischief and mayhem. ]

Here is some branding I created for the magazine I work for, The OC Gazette. Fig. 2 is our masthead and Fig. 1 is our little mascot, Mr. G (for Gazette). I had help creating Mr. G. (Shout out to my former co-workers Jen Hood and Sara Wilkins!) Our plan in creating him was to make stickers and give them out at events so people could stick him all over Orange County. Then people could take pics of where they find Mr. G chilling around OC. Kind of like our own personal Where's Waldo. One co-worker intelligently pointed out that this is sort of akin to vandalism, but I figured as long as we gave them to others, we couldn't be blamed for how Mr. G was used after he left our hands. It should be noted that my co-worker is one of the smartest broads around and is always prepared because she thinks before she acts, unlike me who acts and then thinks. Thus, we listened to the voice of reason and held off on our brilliant scheme to deliberate further.

[Fig. 2The OC Gazette logo I created. ]

In our minds Mr. G was a man of mischief. He lures you in with his gentlemanly charms and perfectly waxed mustachio, but behind that monocle are eyes glimmering with devilment, and beneath that cocked hat is a mind spinning with schemes and shenanigans. Someone should try to bring the monocle back. The Teddy Roosevelt style is already back with a fury, why not bring the monocle too? I read this hilarious blog post on GQ Magazine that took a look back at the mens' styles of 2009. The author, Mike Albo said, and I quote:

"The turn of the century called... and it wants its waistcoat, specs, and mustache back. Between gin-fizz-slinging barmen in suspenders and Brooklyn dudes in bowler hats, you couldn't swing a walking stick in '09 without hitting a Teddy Roosevelt look-alike." 


 Mr. G also sort of resembles one of my many inordinate crushes, Bill the Butcher [see Fig. 3]. (I have a problem with being attracted to very strange men whom a woman of only 24 years should not find tempting; another key example being Adrien Brody and that big schnoz of his.)

Fig. 3: Daniel Day Lewis as Bill The Butcher. ]

- Amy
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  1. Bill The Butcher is probably one of the best characters ever. IF men were my thing, there may be a special place in my heart for him as well. But really I think he would make one tough dad.

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone Chadwick. Yeah, can you imagine Bill the Butcher being your pappy? Instead of telling you to go get one of his belts when he's going to punish you, you have to go get one of his meat cleavers? haha

  3. I just imagine the school ground talk, "My dad can beat up your dad"


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