Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Epic Collaborations, Introducing Hammerhood, & The Beginnings of A Rad Illustration

Im doing a really fun collaboration with my friend Timmy Ham (a.k.a Sloth) under the guise of Hammerhood. Get it? Ham and Hood cleverly combined? We're still working on our logo. I'll post some of the ideas I've come up with so far soon. Hammerhood is basically The Postal Service of art; Where The Postal Service provided you with the airy vocals of Ben Gibbard layered on top of electronic video game style beats, Hammerhood gives you grafitti/street art inspired creatures from Sloth mixed with random illustrations from yours truly. Just like TPS, we're sending the project back and forth via mail and we just keep adding to the drawing till  all the space is filled and it is something really random and amazing.

Timmy Ham is a living, breathing pun. He is, as his name infers, a ham - a big, fat, juicy Christmas ham. The only way you can fully understand this is by visiting his blog. I try to read it everyday because it never fails to make do both of the following: 1. laugh out loud, and 2. say, "what the hell?" He's a strange bird who seems to live a live full of magic and adventure. He's based out of Tempe, AZ and is a fellow graphic designer/artist like myself. He does graphics for motocross company, The Dirt Lab, and then has a booming business painting custom Vans under his alter ego/brand "Sloth". Check out some of his sweet kicks below.

How cute are the little baby ones?

Anyways, now that the collab is in full swing we are already entertaining dreams of grandeur. We're thinking we sell the drawings and donate the proceeds of each piece to a different charity. Then maybe we can even sell a few for some cash in pocket too. Should be a fun side project!

- Amy
Listening to: Chiddy Bang's "All Things Go"


  1. God, how I hate strange birds! I'll be checking out his blog in about two seconds.

  2. ah, i love the collaboration word assemblage lades! very clever. i'd love to see the logo designs, so interested when it comes to branding and how people come to define themselves or their wares through a symbol. it's awesome!

    holy wow, are his custom designs ever crazy/cool! those would be my stompers of choice for a stroll around town for sure. love them all and yes the kiddo ones are too cute!

    wishing you mass lucks for the new venture and happy weekend too! ♥

    pea ess: i saw the comment you left on Blythe's space and wanted to send heartfelt thanks to you, coming from an oracle of ziner-ville it means a lot! cheers.


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