Friday, March 18, 2011

My Could-Have-Been Life As A Groupie, Guest Blogging, and Photoshop Hilarity

Today I suggest you head over to my lovely friend Blythe Hill's blog for her "Five Things Friday" post featuring moi! That's right - yours truely is a guest blogger. Moving up in the bloggin' world, baby. (Cue The Jefferesons theme song.) It involves me fraternizing (very intimately sometimes) with some very legendary rock stars. My theme was "I Like That Old Time Rock N' Roll: 5 Classic Rock Bands/Musicians I Wish I Got To Be A Groupie For." The photo above is a taste of what you'll get. Photoshop is so much fun.

- Amy
Listening to: Led Zeppelin's "Since I Been Lovin' You" (A band who didn't make the list, only for the mere fact that I couldn't find any pictures I could easily photoshop myself into. Not a good excuse. I'd loved to have been Jimmy Page's lady friend!)


  1. Did I ever tell you about the time I helped Wonder Woman? I have the visual proof.

  2. Please post the photo evidence JJ!

  3. Amy, was just over at Blythe's checking out your guest post and loved it totala!!!! the PS edits are tremendous, i commented there too but was spending some more time on your space today and didn't realize you girls also work together. so rad!

    i really dig your 80's influence with music groups and don't know if i've ever seen someone post about Bauhaus before that wasn't a full out music blog. new wave is so my thing & it's awesome to see you bring it into today with those fun comparisons. have a great weekend lades. ♥

  4. so proud of your hard work ames! thanks again! :))))))

    also, i just posted a few pics from this morning's stormy flea market fest. !

  5. Thanks Lynn! Yes, you gotta love the 80's. Such a strange time haha! Well I'm very glad to meet you. :)

    And Blythe, today was a blast! I'm heading over right now to check out the post.


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