Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Suggestivism" Art Show, The Importance of Empathy, & Love Without Boundaries

This weekend while at the Santa Ana Arts District, not only did I see some amazing jewelry, I caught a show called Suggestivism at Grand Central Art Center. Curated and featuring artwork by Nathan Spoor, the show was AMAZING. I think we accidentally showed up on opening night because there was an "open bar" (of ginger ale and Pepsi, the bastards), camera crews interviewing, and people everywhere. To sum up what I read in the show's mission statement/synopsis that was presented on a large wall as we walked into the show, "Suggestivism" is the interpretation/reinterpretation of beauty outside of the normal standards of society - a theme that really resonated with me. 

Of recent I have been questioning more and more the social standards and norms of society, and more and more I'm realizing that they are traditions of men that I have never taken the time to consider and research for myself. Just because someone says something is so, doesn't make it true. And even further than that, it's about perception and how different people perceive different things, good or bad. I never used to be one who questioned the standards or norms that were in place. I was the girl in school with the good grades who never got in trouble, but only knew what I was being told. I went to church twice a week and knew the church traditions, but nothing about the real love of God that is above any law or rule. I was a willingly - and blissfully - ignorant person who liked following the rules. After meeting some very interesting people and after a lot of really good dialogue and research, I ended up completely rethinking a lot of things I always just assumed were true. 

Now I realize that more important than anything is an open mind and empathy. Empathy is the ability to step outside of yourself, look at things from someone else's perspective, and meet them there. You don't have to agree, but nonetheless it's understanding that every one's perception is different. [Side Note: There is an amazing documentary that really taught me a lot about life called The Fog of War. It was a documentary about Robert MacNamara and the ten things he would have done different looking back on the Vietnam War. The one thing that would have prevented the whole thing he said was Lesson/Regret Number 1: Empathy.] In the end it's all about the intent of the heart, and - not to sound like a total hippie - it's about love. There is no law against love, no standard, no rule. The exhibit "Suggestivism" sort of addresses this: The different and unique ways people perceive and define beauty and the world around them. 

Enough from me. Here is some of the amazing art I saw this weekend. Check it out if you can. There will be two more grand openings. Check out the postcard below for more details

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- Amy
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  1. swoon. great stuff; great thoughts! :]

  2. Now I am in trouble. I thought Suggestivism was the normal part.

  3. Haha! JJ, you crack me up. Thanks ladies!


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