Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Crystal Jewelry, Summoning Captain Planet, and Musicals

[Fig. 1: Hiya Moon Gift Box with rock n roll (literally) jewelry inside. ]

I finally found some raw crystal jewelry that won't cost mE a small fortune! The shop is called Hiya Moon and it's on I got a bullet casing necklace with a quartz crystal and two raw crystal rings - one for my sis and one for me so we can trade like creepy twins do. The jewelry came in a cute little box [Fig. 1] which made me want to sing "Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things" in my best Julie Andrews impersonation. 

The rings and necklace were even lovelier in person than I thought they'd be from the photos online. After placing the rings upon our chubby little midget fingers [Fig. 2], Jen and I felt a rush of power and the strange urge to summon Captain Planet with our beautiful earth-centric jewelry. I've worn my necklace [Fig. 3] and ring everyday since I got them last week. They're fun to layer with my turquoise ring and raccoon claw necklace (at least that's what kind of claw I think it is). It makes me feel very Native American.

[ Fig. 2: Jen (left) and I (right) giving the fist of solidarity to show off our new rings. ]

[ Fig. 3: Bullet Casing Crystal Necklace from Hiya Moon. ]

Today I get to go to South Coast Plaza for a pre-mini-showing of a few numbers from Rock of Ages, the musical showing at Segerstrom Center for The Arts (formerly OCPAC). I'm pretty excited! There's not very many things that get me in a better mood than a musical number. I blame my mother for raising me on Rogers & Hammerstein and Andrew Lloyd Webber. I'm just a product of my environment. After, I'm grabbing lunch with my friend/PR Rep for South Coast Plaza, Beverly Morgan, and then it's back to the graphics cave where they'll re-chain me to my desk to pump out ads and editorial layouts till the prints on my finger pads are worn off. 

-Listening to: Cage The Elephant's "Tiny Little Robots"

[ Fig 4: Cage The Elephant from Bowling Green, KY. ]

Fun Fact / Pop Culture Lesson of the Day: Cage the Elephant

I went to high school (Greenwood High School in Bowling Green, KY) with Matt and Brad Schultz and Tyler Champion of Cage The Elephant. They were called Perfect Confusion back in those days. Matt Schultz [Fig. 4, center] was actually named Calendar Boy of the Year for our high school; It's like a Sports Illustrated Calendar they sold to raise money for school programs, except with high school hotties instead of models. It's always fun seeing how old friends go on to do great things as they grow up. I wish I was playing Coachella and opening for The Black Keys right now. Talk about making everyone else feel crappy at the ten year high school reunion. 


  1. loooooVE the jewelry! I recently bought a necklace like that too! ^.^
    ok, quick question, I want to get a free tat from your friend Ari, but I'm hesitant because I have no idea what his work looks like, would you 100% recommend him?! (k that wasn't so very quick) ^,~

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