Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mustachioed Men, Time Warps, and Old Man Crushes

[Fig. 1: via The Sartorialist. ]

5 Things:
  1. I hope to have an old man boyfriend like this  [Fig. 1] one day. 
  2. He looks like a British Naval officer who's ship got stuck in a time/space warp that teleported and dropped him in the middle of a London rock n' roll club where he asked some punk rock kid to borrow some pants and Doc Martins. Which is a good thing.
  3. He also sort of looks like the captain from King Kong, who I also have an old-man crush on.
  4. He has great follicle fortitude, much like these rad posters [Fig. 2] I found on one of my favorite design blogs They were done by AIGA for a show called Full Bleed.
  5. He and the posters both remind me of the art and tattoo work of Ricardo Cavolo. He does a lot with carnies and mustachioed men.
Listening to: Jamie Cullum's "Gran Torino"

[Fig. 2]

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