Friday, February 18, 2011

Gorgeous George, Amateur Botany, and A Historical Pop Culture Lesson

[Fig. 1: Gorgeous George in all his glossy green glory.]

That's old George - Gorgeous George (Fig. 1) to be exact. I've been meaning to dedicate a post to my leafy friend for quite some time. I can't have a pet, because I rent a room in a house with a landlord with allergies and a revulsion for pawed critters. Because I couldn't have a bunny or a puppy I decided to do the next best thing and fill my space with pretty plants.

[ Fig. 2: Gorgeous George from Guy Richie's "Snatch."]

I started with something easy so as to test my caregiving skills and named him after the fighter in Guy Richie's Snatch [see Fig. 2], (who was most likely named after the famous American wrestler of the same name [see Fig. 3]), because he'd have to be a fighter to survive living with an absent minded amateur botanist like me. A fighter he turned out to be - and a champion at that, because not only did he MAKE it, he's doubled in size since I got him as a wee fern!

[ Fig. 3: Gorgeous George Wagner, Pro Wrestler.]

"Gorgeous George": American Pro Wrestler

  • First Wrestler to heavily use entrance music. Often his elaborate entrance show (to the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance") was longer than his actual match.
  • Was like the Elton John of wrestling showing up to fights dressed wildly in feathers, capes, and sequins.
  • Grew his hair long and bleached it blonde. Wore bobby pins in it that he would give away to the audience like Elvis' scarfs. 
  • Because of his metro-, girly antics he got much attention (just as he wanted) and people came in throngs to mock him. He was one of those guys the people loved to hate, and he liked it that way.
  • Was a sneaky SOB who was always cheating in the ring. Anything to win a fight.
  • According to The Profession Wrestling Hall of Fame, Wrestling was the first hit TV program on, and that was much owing to Ole' George: "Gorgeous George was was directly responsible for all of the commotion. It was a turning point for Wagner, wrestling, and the country itself. Gorgeous George was probably responsible for selling more television sets in the early days of TV than any other factor. There was once a well known saying that Frank Gotch may have put wrestling on the map, but Gorgeous George brought it to the world..."
  • May 26, 1950: Gorgeous George defeated Don Eagle for the American Wrestling Association World title.

Have a great weekend folks. 

- Amy
Listening to: The Morning Benders' "Dammit Anna"


  1. awww George! Good to see him looking so chipper!

    And thanks for the history lesson ames! :]


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