Saturday, February 26, 2011

Furry Vests, Socks With Heels & Back Alley Photoshoots

I've been seeing the socks and heels trend a lot within the pages of my magazines and as I scroll through my favorite blogs. Even my lovely co-worker Blythe has adopted it. I think it's so cute and it kind of reminds me of being five again. In a good way. It's the cuter version of the Brittney Spears fad that was going on back in the beginning of the Millenium. I totally used to rock the knee high socks and school girl plaid skirt. At the time I really liked fashion - and boys - and this fad (although semi- skank-tastic) seemed to provide me with both.  Back to the point, I tried the socks and heels look today. I went all out and paired it with my furry vest. I had so much fun walking around. I felt like a groupie for The Stones; like Anita Pallenberg would be meeting me to smoke a cig out back any minute. Neither of these things happened of course, but I did get some encouragement from my fellow shoppers at South Coast, which is always welcome when branching out on the metaphorical fashion tree. 

Blythe documents her outfits on her blog and I am her unofficial photographer. The alley behind our office is our usual shoot location, which the other tenants find very comical. I don't think any of them have quite figured out what the hell we're always taking pictures for. Blythe tried my hat on and her outfit instantly turned Sound-of-Music-Chic. 

[ "The hilllllls are aliiiiiiive..." ]

How much do you love her knee highs? I've been wearing my sheer knee highs with my boots which is super fun, but now I want to try this!

What's inspiring me right now? Blythe's blog from yesterday. It's the second installment of her new regular series called "Five Things" where she lists five things she's digging right now. The recent post is HILARIOUS. 

Hope the weekend's treating you well.
- Amy
Listening to: Kings of Leon's "The End"


  1. Well, on you ladies, they look great. No one would ever call me Mr. Fashionisto. So basically, I know nothing, but I am still male, with a jaundiced eye. You and your friend appear to be the same type, so you both can get away with it, and have fun. However, I would think you have to have it, or it doesn't work. Some people can wear Hefty bags, and, well, some just shouldn't. Get my drift?

    BTW, my wife is still a groupie for The Stones.

  2. I haven't checked out some of my new blog followers' blogs in awhile, but i totally dug your profil pic so I thought, hm, i should check her out. And snap, I LOVE your style. Love the clothes, your design aesthetic, your paintings, the whole shebang. thanks for following my blog. I dig yours too :)

    xo Moorea

  3. Thanks JJ! And give your wife a high five for me. That's rad!

    Moorea, I'm so glad you like the blog! I really like yours too, so I cherish your feedback. :)

  4. thanks for the plug amerson! :D


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