Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ole Saint Nick Illustration, Deus Motorcycles, and Ella Fitzgerald

Here's a fun little illustration I did for The OC Gazette for the December issue. It's for the kids page. I was trying to think of how to draw Santa without it turning out like the same, ole, redundant Saint Nick. Thus, Santa riding a custom DEUS motorcycle (the Deus Drovers Dog II to be specific), roaring through the night, bugs bouncing off his pilot goggles, and toys hanging on for dear life. This is a bad ass Santa. (Not to be confused with that horrible Billy Bob Thornton movie Bad Santa. How does one go from Sling Blade to that?)

Listening to: Ella Fitgerald's "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"


  1. yesssss! alternative santa! righteous!

  2. if only santa were that bomb haha. and Jen said 'righteous' lol - today is a good day


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