Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Magazine Covers, More Design, and Cheesy Love Ballads

[My cover for The OC Gazette Vol 4 Issue 7]

I thought I would post some of my recent design layouts for The OC Gazette today. Below is one of my favorite layouts that I designed for the November issue of The OC Gazette for the DIY Art page. I took a photo of a rubber cement jar (in keeping with the Crafts and DIY theme of the article) and clone stamped the label clean in Adobe Photoshop. Then I took it into Adobe Illustrator and made my own labels using type treatments, the shear tool, the envelope distort option, and some crazy layering options and clipping masks. I was really happy with how it turned out.

[My layout for the DIY Art page.]

I was also really happy with my cover layout, which is at the top. The photo was taken by the talented Rani Lu Mundell. The cover girl is Sherry Lee Meredith, who just happens to be one of the nicest people I've ever met. She sponsors the Ducks Power Play Girls too. She basically knows everyone in OC. Now it's back to work on the December cover, which has been a bear... a rabid bear. But it will be great in the end! To get me through without breaking into tears I've been listening to Glee Soundtracks and cheesy love ballads by the likes of Bryan Adams, Sting, and Journey. No one makes a power love ballad quite like Bryan Adams. 

Listening to: "All For Love," the love ballad to end all power love ballads by the trifecta of rock balladeers: Sting, Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams.


  1. Bryan Adams, Sting, and Journey. You do have good taste.

  2. Haha! Thanks JJ :). I'm still pondering your question about indie music and labels. I kind of want to do my own research paper on it. Because I think the meaning of indie has changed. It was people who were singed to independent labels, but now I feel like it has come to embody more of a style of music. That garage, grungy, less-produced, quirky type of rock n' roll. You know? It's not just people who are signed to independently owned labels anymore. It's become it's own sound.


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