Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Inventive Oliver Munday, Envious Design, And Sneaking Into After School Kids' Programs

[ Design/Branding by Oliver Munday for 826DC. ]

Check out this amazing design work by Oliver Munday for 826DC, the D.C. chapter of an organization dedicated to furthering the creative writing skills of students ages 6-18. Munday branded the new location, and it is in a word "superb." I love his type treatment. He uses so many different typefaces and font sizes and yet it doesn't feel cluttered at all. A true pro. 

Below are some of the logos, signage, products and posters Munday created. "The Museum of Unnatural History" is the name of the 826DC store. Bottles of Unicorn Tears, apothecary jars filled with the notorious "missing link" - doesn't it look/sound like something straight out of a Harry Potter book? I may be over the 18 year old cut off for this program, but next time I'm in the D.C. area I'm visiting this place - even if I have to sneak in. A new low? Nope. This place is just that cool.

Listening to: Elvis Presley's "Are You Lonely Tonight?"

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  1. Existentailly distraught? I love it! I will make it a point to get to the museum, even though I prefer my unicorn tears filtered.


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