Friday, November 12, 2010

Buzz Aldrin, Black Bush, and Space themed Classic Rock

[Buzz Aldrin interview for Off The Record and layout. ]

Here is a layout I did for the August issue of The OC Gazette for my Off The Record interview with Buzz Aldrin. Yep, I got to talk to the Rocket Man himself. We talked about his old hometown of Laguna Beach, what it's like to be "sitting in a tin can far above the moon" about to set foot upon it, and if he get's tired of all the "Fly Me To The Moon," "Rocket Man" and "Space Oddity" references. He was a pretty straight laced guy; very nice, but VERY smart which made it a bit difficult to joke with him as he took a few of them seriously. When a 23 year old girl from Orange County with only 80% of an associates degree to her credit interviews a world renown aerospace engineer and astronaut, a piece here or there is bound to get lost in translation. All in all Buzz was brilliant and a real class act. I would ask a question and he would start reciting his scientific jargon, and even though I was so lost as to what he was saying, it somehow seemed like poetry. I guess he's really making a case for the exploration and settlement of Mars. I wonder if he's seen the "Black Bush" skit Dave Chapelle did. "We ain't stoppin' at the moon! M-A-R-S... Mars bitches!" If you have no idea what I'm talking about, take a little trip back in time to the early 2000's when ole W. was still in office by watching this hilarious vintage Chapelle skit.

- Amy
 Listening to: "Rocket Man" by Elton John

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