Monday, September 6, 2010

Painting Progress, Vintage Finds, and Chet Baker

[Matt is coming together! Click to enlarge]

It's labor day weekend and I am bound and determined to get a big chunk done on this painting. I finished the hand the other day which took way longer than I expected, but hey, progress is progress. Thought I'd post this before I get started on Matt's mug. Faces always scare me. Well, you know what I mean - painting faces. It's mostly when I'm trying to depict someone well known or someone who I know well, because it's really apparent when I mess up since the face is so recognizable to me.

My sister always posts what's inspiring her on her blog, so being twins I believe I will steal her idea and take it for my own. We share everything else. So these are the things interesting me/inspiring me/getting the cogs turning:

[My snazzy new bag.]

1. Villains Vintage in Orange:
This place has the best vintage finds! And it's cool because on the tag of each item is written the era that the item is from. I like being well informed about the credibility of my vintage items. My sister and I just stumbled upon this local gem while on our way to another vintage shop in Orange on the circle. So glad we did, because I found this great bag. It's a leather bowling ball bag with Myan details and imagery worked into it. I know, Myans on a bowling team... sounds hilarious. But here's the bag to prove it.

The owner of the store was so nice too. He gets new items in daily, and he's got a great facebook campaign going too, post a photo of you in your new old duds from Villains Vintage on their fanpage and get 15% off your next purchase. Genius.

2. Chet Baker.
Studly, talented, brooding and tortured... what's not to love? He was constantly battling his own personal demons.

"I was up all night developing when the face appeared in the developing tray. A tough demeanor and a good physique but an angelic face with pale white skin and, the craziest thing, one tooth missing -- he'd been in a fight. I thought, my God, that's Chet Baker! "
- William Claxton, photographer on Chet's missing tooth

- Amy
Listening to: Chet Baker's "Let's Get Lost"

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