Sunday, September 19, 2010

Renaissance Man Scott Avett


What's inspiring me right now besides Pink Floyd? Scott AvettYes, the very namesake of alt/country/rock band The Avett Brothers. If you've never heard of these country bumpkins, watch their video for "I And Love And You" here. I have to forewarn you that it took me a little while to fully grasp and understand the glory that is The Avett Brothers. If this happens to you, don't panic. Just open your mind and free your thoughts and give it a couple more listens. What I first thought was slow and lacking in feeling, I realized now was just the opposite. [If this were a Disney movie, this would be a prime place for a lesson on not being to quick to judge.] I've been listening to this CD more than any other album all year [although Glasvegas's self titled is a very close second.] My favorite tracks are the song below, "Laundry Room" "Kick Drum Heart" [another great phrase for a tattoo, don't you think?], "Perfect Space," and "Head Full of Doubt." Once you get hooked on these, go buy I And Love And You. It's their most accessible album across the board in my oh-so-humble opinion. I love their older albums, but if you don't like country or folk then you probably won't like them. 

Well, did you know that aside from being a top notch musician and multi-instrumentalist, Scott Avett is a fine artist? And I bet you've seen his work too. It was on display at every Starbucks last year. Yep, gracing the cover of The Avett Brother's album I And Love And You sitting on the counter in front of you as you ordered your crazy foo foo drink.

 [Ring a bell now?]

I really like his style. He does a lot of portraits and I just love the way he uses color. You can see the full spectrum of color in his skintones: pinks, blues, purples, greens, yellows. His paintings mix portraiture with these surrealist backgrounds. They also feel a lot like modern day versions of the old religious narrative paintings. It's really interesting. Musician, artist, stud - what a dreamboat.

[The Fighter]

[The Underdog]


[A woodcut by Scott portraying The Avett Brothers.]

 [More amazing woodcuts by Scott. These were used as tour posters 
for The Avett Brothers.]

Every time I see him I freak out because he looks so much like my friend dear old friend from Nashville Danny Nicolleto [who also happens to be a top notch musician]. Isn't it uncanny? I have this theory that everyone has a famous twin. I'm also really good and figuring people's out. It's a gift. Give me any person and I'll find their doppleganger, guaranteed or your money back!

[Danny Nicoletto vs. Scott Avett]

Enjoy your Sunday Funday!

Listening to: Avett Brothers' "Murder In The City"


  1. The cover art of I and Love and You is called "Julianne in Vain"... Julianne happens to be my best friend :)

  2. No way! That's rad! How many people get to have their faces on the cover of an amazing band's album? :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. I'm a fan of the band but had no idea Scott was such a talent with the brushes--look forward to nosing around your blog! Cheers, Mike


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