Monday, September 13, 2010

Current Muse: Brigitte Bardot

Recent Inspiration: Brigitte Bardot. Those eyes, that hair, those lips... She was sexy and feminine, but cool as ice - all at the same time. Freshman year I saw a picture of her, and immediately after begged my mom to take me to CVS so I could buy liquid eyeliner. These lids of mine have rarely had a day off from the Bardot-inspired liner since then.

I have a long lineup of friends to paint for my series "The Beatniks, The Bastards, and The Saints," and I've started to realize a trend. They're all guys. I have this prejudice that girls are generally... what's a good word for it... lame. I want real bad ass looking people for this series. People who look like they've lived life. People who look like they've experience their fair share of heartaches. People who look like they've given their fair share of heartaches. People who are dangling their feet over society's courtesy line and spitting off the side. When I think of these things, I think of men.

However, it really isn't right to be prejudice against your own sex. So the other day I set about to brainstorm some women that I thought embodied the spirit of my series. She had to be edgy and tough, but still graceful and delicate. No sooner than these adjectives popped into my head did I realize number one on my list was Ms. Bardot. Now I want to tease my hair and go extra thick with the liner tomorrow. How did she get that amazing bed head look? If you see me around town looking like the missing member of Poison, you'll know something went terribly awry with the teasing comb. Wish me luck.

Enjoy these shots of the vixen herself and have a lovely night. I'm off to paint.

Listening to: Gaslight Anthem's "The 59 Sound."
{I love the opening lines of this song: "I wonder which song they're going to play when we go? I hope it's something quiet and minor and peaceful and slow." Me too Brian Fallon (you handsome devil), me too.}


  1. Love this. She's been popping in a lot of magazines lately. You know youve made it big when youre showing up in mags a billion years later!

  2. Isn't it true! Oh how few pretty faces withstand the test of time. I saw Audrey Hepburn photos in a mag the other day. Another class act.


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