Monday, August 30, 2010

Always Be A Good Boy

Here's an oldie but goodie; one of the first prints I ever did in my screenprinting class back when I was a student at the Rest Stop of Life otherwise known as Saddleback Community College. [Long pregnant pause for musings on my misspent youth and how I almost never got back on the road from that 5 year rest stop. You just pull over for a quick snack and to hit the john, and before you know it, it's 5 years later and you forgot where you were heading in the first place. Has this analogy gone way too far yet?] That was such a fun class and I met so many cool people. If you ever take a class at Saddleback, I highly recommend taking Screenprinting with Will. He's barely over college age himself, and comes to class with purple mohawks and punk tees on. Anyways, this is my first print using rubylith, and it's a drawing from Johnny Cash's mug shot. It's called "Always Be A Good Boy," a line from "Folsom Prison Blues." I want to do more art based on vintage mug shots - famous people or otherwise.

Below are a few videos for your viewing pleasure. The first is Johnny playing San Quentin. [Authors Note: I actually got to interview Merle Haggard for the magazine I work for recently because he was playing a show in town - and did you know that amongst all the inmates of San Quentin during the first San Quentin show was ole' Merle? It was what inspired him to start singing! Check out the interview here - his account of it all is much better than mine.] The second video is the first installment of a biography on the Man in Black. Man did he influence a lot of people. You HAVE to watch till the end. He does a hilarious impression of Elvis. Enjoy.

Listening to: Johnny Cash's "Cry, Cry, Cry"

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