Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Interview With Nick 13 of Tiger Army

Above is a layout I did for The OC Gazette on Nick 13 of Tiger Army. It's an interview I did with him about his new solo project. I thought it turned out pretty good, although I wish I had two pages so I could have given everything a little more space and breathing room. It's always hard when I do these interviews and I have to go through and cut things down. I usually have to cut about 3/4 of what they say so that we can fit it in the layout, and it's so hard deciding which anecdotes to keep and what's the most interesting, because it's all interesting! It was especially hard with this interview. Nick 13 was seriously one of the most interesting guys I've ever interviewed. And so well-read and well-spoken. 

Here's the intro I wrote for the piece. I think it explains him pretty well: 

"Lead singer of one of the most popular psychobilly bands ever—check. Working with some of the greatest country session artists for his highly anticipated new solo album−check. Owner of one of the most impressive vintage horror film collections—check. Perfect cocktail party date/walking, talking vault of fringe information—check. It’s just a day in the life of Nick 13."

He should be one of those music historians they feature on those Vh1 specials. That's how much he knew about country music history and punk. I'll leave you with this video from his set at Hootenanny this year in Irvine.

- Amy

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