Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top 7 Women Who Give Women a Bad Name

That name being: "Lame". As I said in my last post, I have this prejudice that most women are lame. After some brainstorming I realized that there are in fact a few shining exceptions to my rule (I'm talking about you Brigitte Bardot), but nonetheless I stand firmly by my broad generalization for the most part. Following is my top 7 list of the women that make our sex seem lame. Also, sorry in advance to anyone who loves any of the following women. (I'm talking to you Caroline. I tried to like the Gilmore Girls, but try try as I might it just wouldn't stick!)

1. Alexis Bledel:
Annoying as heck. Affected speech like a two year old. Terrible actress.

2. Heidi Montag:
No explanation required.

3. Cher
Sounds like a tranny trying to sound like a woman, she thinks she's badass, [a leather thong does NOT mean you're bad ass], and her songs get stuck in your head 
and torture you for days.

4. Jessica Simpson
Ditsy and affected. (Why is she always puckering her lips out like that? What is that?) I think she tries to be that dumb. I bet she's really a Rhode's Scholar but thought boys would like her better if she weren't so smart. Personal theory.

5. Paris Hilton:
Started this ridiculous business of keeping a dog in your purse. Wears far too much hot pink seeing as she is NOT Barbie.

6. Sarah Palin
No explanation required.

7. The entire cast of The View
Five women screeching over each other for an hour. [Full body shudder.]

See what I mean?! "You give chicks, a bad name." [To the tune of "You Give Love A Bad Name".] 
I can't leave you guys on a negative note. So to give you a kick of testosterone in all it's glory, here's a link to an epic video of Pink Floyd doing "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" live. Possibly one of the prettiest songs EVER. I always thought that would make a great tattoo.

- Amy
Listening to: Pink Floyd's Shine on You Crazy Diamond on my station. Get one. They're addicting.


  1. while i was a gilmore fan i'm willing to admit alexis bledel is not an Oscar caliber actress. touchet. !

    another great post, ames!

  2. yikes! glad im not on this list!!! haha

  3. Ladies, you are on my short and exclusive list of vixens who remind me that all women AREN'T lame! You make me proud to not have a Y chromosome. haha


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