Monday, July 25, 2011

Avett Brothers, David Mayfield Parade, & Slots Baby

[ Avett Brothers @Pechanga Casino 7/23/11

Saw The Avett Brothers this weekend at Pechanga Casino and Resort and haven't been able to get over it yet. They were so amazing live. It was funny though: they are such a boot-stomping, get-down-and-have-a-good-time band, but the audience was the most mild group of people ever. Only the floor seats stood during their set (we were in the nosebleeds where NO ONE stood) and I could count on one hand the number of people that were movin', shakin' and dancin'. They were all too busy recording the show on their iPhones to move I suppose. But that's ok cause me and Jen and some random guy did enough dancing for everyone that night. I wore my lucky boots and stomped my Kentucky-bred heart out. Don't worry, we went to the back of the bleachers so as not to disrupt the Debbie Downers sitting behind us. That was mean. I'm sorry. But how do you sit during such a raucous concert! I had to move my feet. Man they are talented, handsome devils. At one point my twin sis, Jen, turned to me and said, "what's the banjo player's name again?" I said, "Scott Avett. But what's the other one's name again?" She said, "Who cares." Ohhhh Jen. She's got it bad for Scott Avett. All I know is he's a damn fine painter, wailer and banjo picker.

[ Post Avett Brothers slots action at the casino. ]

The David Mayfield Parade opened and they were a blast to watch. Lead singer (you guessed it) David Mayfield played the guitar upside down and with his feet and he was on fire with the corny jokes. The violinist and bass player were two foxy ladies who knew how to get down. Made me want to pick up my fiddle again and give her a go.

Anyways as much of a hoedown as it was (it reminded me of playing with my Uncle Owen's bluegrass band at the family reunions in Bowling Green, KY), they have some beautifuly sweet and somber songs. Those really moved me. Probably because I'm in a heightened emotional state currently, but I wasn't the only one. Three songs in particular had everyone in the venue weeping like lil' babies: "The Ballad of Love and Hate", "November Blue" (one of my personal favorites - the version on their Live: Vol. 2 album, not the original - trust me), and an epic cover of Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" (dare I say that I liked it better than the original?). At least I can thank the iPhone recorders at the show for filming this cover so I can share it here with you lovely folks. Below are videos of "I'm On Fire" from the show and a live version of "November Blue." And now back to work. My lovely friend Lauren Gillmore hired Hoodzpah to design a new logo for her photography company LA Creative Studio. It's been so much fun to work on!

- Amy

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