Saturday, July 23, 2011

Surfline, Seeworthy Project, & My Big Hollywood Break

Photos courtesy of Mr. Steblay of the Seeworthy Project

I recently helped my uber-talented (yeah I said uber) friend Chris out with a video for Surfline. He has a production/media company called the Seeworthy Project and they were hired to produce a new segment called "Speak Up" hosted by the one and only Joe Turpel as a part of Hurley's "Best of Summer" series on Surfline. Chris brought me on (on behalf of Hoodzpah Art + Graphics) to do some design/illustration and art direction (glorified title, but I'll take it). I illustrated some mini-Joes and got to play puppeteer at the shoot which was a blast. I even ended up being the special effects coordinator too. For behind the scenes photos and the final video go here. Looks like I need to get some headshots for my profile. Look out Hollywood.

[click to enlarge.]

- Amy
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