Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moonshine Flasks, When Diamond Rings Attack, & Butterflies

Etsy problem continues. It's only heightened by the fact that I'm on there now weekly to manage our store for Hoodzpah. If you're looking for a distraction or if you want to waste 3 hours in what seems like the blink of an eye, start trolling Etsy.com. It's akin to taking on the record/LP section (if you could even call that pile a section) at Goodwill. Anyways, here are 6 things I added to my wishlist that you fine folks might also like.

- Amy
Listening to: Wilco's "California Stars"

1. Moonshine Flask [ Leatherwerks ]

2. Pressed Butterfly Display [ Ben The Butterfly Guy ]

3. This silky original ink blot blouse. [ Rachel Rose ]

4. Handmade Light Up Wooden Arrow Sign [ West Vintage Trading Co. ]

5. Vintage Constellation Poster [ missquitecontrary ]

6. BLING Sterling Silver Ring [ marmod8 ] The diamond ring that truly could kill.


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