Friday, July 1, 2011

Some New Illustrations, J-Lo's Doomed Comeback, & Chit Chatting with Ryan Getzlaf

[ Illustration ©Amy Hood ]

Here are some sketches/illustrations I have been working on to go in our Summer Guide Feature for LOCALE magazine. Since drawing these yesterday I have been seriously craving a rainbow sprinkle Balboa Bar... and I mean worse than J. Lo (a.k.a. Jennifer Lopes) craves a comeback. (Side Note: Have you heard her new single? I'm no pop connoisseur, but it's pretty terrible and predictable. Seeing as pop is already terribly predictable for the most part, that says a lot.)

The feature is coming along swimmingly, but there is still so much to do and so little time to do it! Looks like there are going to be some all-nighters with me, my iMac, a six pack of Coca Cola and my "Get Amped" playlist.  I'll leave you with this hilarious little skit featuring Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf of our very own Anaheim Ducks. I found it while doing some research for my interview with Ryan Getzlaf (which went down just moments ago - what a nice guy).

- Amy
Listening to: The Honorary Title's "Cut Short"


  1. Now, I'm craving an ice cream even though i just had one *rushes to the refrigerator* ;)

  2. gaaah In love with your illustrastions! Wish I could draw like you!
    thanks for following, I'm following you now too

  3. omgggggggg Amy! first i absolutely love your tasty treat illustrations, especially the whippy cone. nice one!!!! now then for the funnies you posted. i watched the vid and laughed my bum-bum off. another good way to use our fave "stay gold" saying right?! awesome is what. and the podium part was the best ever, how they thought of this clever parody makes me wish i could have the skillz for writing this well too. gotta say "go Canada" too, b/c it's my homeland after all. so lucky you got to interview him, that is ultra cool lades.

    and the J.Lo shtick is agreed on, i saw her perform on American Idol and think she's a sweetie but the song....not so much. ♥


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