Friday, July 22, 2011

Persian Bear Rugs, Etsy-aholics, and BFF's Leaving On Grand Adventures

Etsy is a magical place. I am always finding things I need (well... want). It's actually becoming a problem. Like this awesome bear rug. I suggested it to my friend who has been looking for a persian rug, but alas they don't believe in cruelty to faux animals. The guy who makes these is so clever. Check out more photos here.

Now I have to get back to it. I'm working on a rad illustration for my BFF Sara Wilkins, as she will be heading out to Portland to start a grand adventure this week. She is so brave and I am so excited for her! I will miss her terribly though when I need a partner in crime to go to shows with me, chase me around when I'm cranky till we both start laughing til we cry, and blast Keith Urban shamelessly with. Looks like a trip to Portland is in order, that's for sure.

- Amy
Listening to: Dr. Dog's "Hang On"


  1. I am strong supporter of faux PETA. And it wasn't just the cruelty to faux animals I was against, it also seems like a tripping hazard. That bear can still attack!

  2. It's an instant conversation piece! Worth the trip factor. It's only $975 - so work that corner!

  3. You're right, Amy! Etsy is a fantastic place! They have a lot of useful and interesting things! I also purchase from them. That Persian carpet is amazing! The person who made it is very creative and talented! I saw all those pictures and I enjoyed them! great work!

  4. Ummmm..... AMAZING! And a bargain too! Kudos to creative souls - both the maker and buyer.


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