Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How I Did Geoff Rowley, Air Supply, & BMX Prom Dances

[Fig. 1: © Amy Hood]

So the title of this blog is a tad misleading, but there's nothing like a good sexual innuendo to drive traffic. My Geoff Rowley illustration is complete! Above [Fig. 1] is the version I'll probably get made into posters. Figure 2 is closer to the version that will be used in print. It depicts Geoff as a patron saint of skateboard donations (thus the halo) because the interview is about Geoff's involvement with the Maloof Money Cup's "Skate & Donate" program. I hope it looks good in the final layout. I did another progression shot from start to finish too [see fig. 3]

[Fig. 2: © Amy Hood]

It's press week again. So I'll end this fairly short post with a list of some fun/inspiring things I've done/encountered this week:
  • Sexy Saxophone Guy (Courtesy of Bird Doerr): Move over "Friday" girl, this vid's going viral.
  • "Black Velvet" (Courtesy of the girl at the karaoke bar on Friday night that KILLED. THIS. SONG.): I guess Canada gave us more than Bryan Adams, Celine Dion and hockey. It gave us this 80's gem too.
  • "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" by Air Supply: After getting stoked on "Black Velvet" I made an amazing 80's monster love ballads playlist on Grooveshark which included this song. How I remembered it, I'll never know; I'm just glad I did. 
  • Vintage BMX photos (courtesy of Jen Hood): These old pics are so cool.
  • RAD (Courtesy of Chris Steblay): After looking at Jen's blog, Chris showed us this. I've never EVER used this phrase, but there's a first time for everything: LMAO. BMX dancing to "Send Me An Angel". Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray have got nothing on these two.
  • Vintage Skateboarding & Surf Photos From Venice (Courtesy of The Selvedge Yard)
Listening to: Social Distortion's "99 To Life"

[Fig. 3: Geoff Rowley Illustration Progression. Click to enlarge. © Amy Hood]


  1. i want a poster. sister discount. haha

  2. Let's do a trade cause i want one of your diamond posters haha!


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