Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The History of Danish Tattooing, Jon Nordstrom, & My Dream of Becoming The Ultimate Cocktail Party Date

[Fig. 1: Danish Tattooing by Jon Nordstrom.]


I found this rad video on Cool Hunting. I am extremely intrigued by tattoos and especially the history of tattooing. Today it is much more socially acceptable to have tattoos. Heidi Klum has one for heaven's sake. It's almost more strange nowadays NOT to have some ink. Which is why it's so much more interesting to me to learn about the eclectic group of misfits on the fringe of society who got tats way back when. 

The guy in the video is Jon Nordstrøm, author of Danish Tattooing [see Fig. 1], which has just been added to my wish list. It's chock full of anecdotes, facts, and photos old and new chronicling the rich history of the tattooing subculture in Copenhagen. The video above is just a brief glimpse of the Danes and tattoos, so I'd really like to get the book for some new pre-pillow time reading. I'm on my third read of Sherlock Holmes, so I'd say I need some new material for my meager (it's about quality not quantity folks) library. Not only that, but it will give me just another near-useless-but-totally-interesting set of facts to throw out when conversation wains thin at the next social gathering I show my face at. I'm damned and determined to become the greatest living cocktail party date candidate through my plethora of random pop/counter culture knowledge. I don't think anyone loves a good meat and cheese platter as much as this girl.

- Amy
Listening to: Sonny and The Sunsets' "Too Young To Burn" (Finders fee to Chris Steblay.)

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  1. Great post - I definitely need this book! I'm part Danish and remember seeing old guys like this in Copenhagen as a kid. There was nothing like that back in England (where I live) at the time...


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