Friday, April 15, 2011

Geoff Rowley Illustrations, Punks With Heart, & The Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championships,

[Fig 1: My illustration of The Legendary Geoff Rowley so far. On the home stretch.]

This is an art blog, though if one stumbled upon this blog at random, they would normally not find a post of my artwork. Artwork takes time, ok? That's my excuse. And it's actually true for once since I've been super busy with graphic design work. Sometimes, however, the stars and the planets align and I get to do really fun artsy stuff for my design work. Now is one of those times. 

I interviewed Geoff Rowley [See Fig 1.], pro skater and co-owner of Flip, recently for the May issue of The OC Gazette. He's involved with this really cool program called Skate & Donate through Vans and Maloof Money Cup. They're collecting shoes and other skate gear to donate to less fortunate kids around the world, beginning with South Africa. Not only that but Geoff is working with the Maloof Brothers to help design all the courses for this years Maloof Money Cup events, and once designed and built, these cutting edge parks will be left for the enjoyment and use of the communities. How cool is that? Geoff is a little punk ass, Motorhead loving, skater kid, but he has a big heart beating underneath that ratty black metal tee. I love that about him. They'll be donating the first batch of shoes to kids in South Africa on the opening day of the Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championships in Kimberly. 

Anyways, the PR people for Maloof didn't have any good photos of Geoff for us to run with the interview, so I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to flex my illustrating skills again. I was so stoked on my John Wayne illustration, and I've been wanting to do more ever since. Here's a progression of it so far. [See Fig 2.] My friends are all telling me I need to get a Wacom. Apparently it will change my life. Using the pen tool for this stuff is SO tedious so I'm thinking they're right. I could totally do these all day long. [Rolling Stone? Spin? Paste? If you're reading this, remember me for your next illustration project!]

[Fig. 2. Click to enlarge. Doooo it.]

That's all I've got for you fine folks. Oh, and go check out Alex Baird's blog! She's a journalist/music enthusiast and she scribbled some very sweet words about this blog on her's.

Listening to: Motorhead's "Ace of Spades"


  1. woahh! so good! teach me your ways oh amy.

    kidding. but seriously geoff rowley was my favorite skateboarder growing up. looked up to him a lot.


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