Friday, October 1, 2010

Eddie Vedder and Tambourine Therapy

Today's inspiration is this video of Eddie Vedder playing "Slow Night So Long" with Kings of Leon. Not only is this an amazing song (and only made more amazing by Vedder sharing vocal duties with Caleb), but look at the energy and enthusiasm with which Eddie Vedder bangs out a beat on those tambourines. Nathan and Jared Followill look very amused with the whole thing. It looks therapeutic, doesn't it? Almost like those rooms they have in Japan where you can go and just break stuff. I think the moral that I learned from Vedder here is to just rock out and get into whatever it is your doing, even if it's just playing backup tambourine for a bunch of Tennessee bumpkins.

- Amy
Listening to "Slow Night, So Long"

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  1. I'm an old Pearl Jam fan. Has Eddie finally found his sound?


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