Sunday, October 17, 2010

Being Big in Japan, Screenprinting, and Caravaggio

These are a set of screenprints I did of my sister Jen. She's big in Japan. But ever before she modeled in a co-project between Newport Beach's Almond Surfboards and Ron Herman Japan, I immortalized Jen's face on paper in this series. The underpanting on each is different, so each one is unique. Screenprinting is so much fun, because it's instant satisfaction. One swish of your paint filled squeegee over the screen and you've got an instant masterpiece on your paper.

[ Underpainting is a copy of a portion of the sky in Albrecht Altdorfer's The Battle of Issus, 1529. See Below.]

My favorite one is the one where Jen looks like mother Mary with the red background and halo. Kind of creepy isn't it? Everyone always asks if they can have this one, but the lucky owner is Ryan Creamer now, so you'll have to take it up with him. I've always had a thing for halos. I have a folder saved on my computer full of different halos from different art periods. I love using them in my work, thus "The Beatniks, The Bastards, and The Saints" project. I like how Caravaggio did his - simple, delicate, thin, gold ovals hovering above the subject's head.

[ Madonna di Loreto ]

 [ St. Jerome ]

[ The Inspiration of St. Matthew ]

- Amy
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  1. Amy: They are spectacular! I wish I could screenprint for fun. Is it something anyone can try (even with no talent at all)?

  2. how repentant do i look in these? i like how voluminous you made my hair in the underpainting. haha. You did such amazing underpaintings ames :)

  3. YES! That's the glory of Screenprinting. The best people in my screenprinting class in college were the one's who had little to no artistic skill. But they could compose something using different images and text in Photoshop or Illustrator, or by tracing images on rubylith. I'm good at painting and drawing, but I was only mediocre at screenprinting compared to the other kids. You should really check out the local colleges or junior colleges to see if they have a class. It's a blast.


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