Monday, October 11, 2010

Deer Tick, Backstage Break-ins at HOB Anaheim and Sleazy Rags

Today's inspiration: Deer Tick.

I've been listening to War Elephant all day and all this last weekend. Which was a great weekend. It included but was not limited to:

• Watching way too many Columbo re-runs
• Getting a free meal from my pops. I've turned into a real miser now that I'm saving to get a new car at the end of the month.
• Reuniting with my dear old friend Danny Nicoletto from my Nashville days who is out on tour with Anberlin for his family company Land of 1000 Hills Coffee. (A great cause. Check it out.)

{ Me, Matt, and Danny. }

• Getting to take him and his Phillie-bred friend Matt to the beach. Matt was a Pacific Ocean virgin.
• Getting semi-snuck into the Anaheim HOB Anberlin/Crash Kings/Civil Twilight show thanks to Danny's Houdini skills.
• Slinging merch with Danny and Matt.
• Discovering Civil Twilight - a trio of South Africans who relocated to Nashville and who put on a pretty epic live show that included dark, moody, effects laden sounds and haunting vocals. (They even have a song where they use the Jimmy Page violin-bow-on-guitar effect.
• Hearing two epic covers. (Civil Twilight covering Massive Attack's "Teardrop" and Crash Kings covering Black Sabbath's "War Pigs")
• Meeting some interesting new friends on the tour.

• Spending all of Sunday at Pirate's Cove, basking in the sun with cheetos and sleezy rags - The Enquirer and The Sun included. Did you know Prince Charles was gay?
• A BBQ with family and friends.

All in all a successful weekend.

Happy Monday. (An oxymoron, I know.)
- Amy
Listening to: Deer Tick's "Baltimore Blues No. 1"

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