Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Lakers 3-peat, The 3 Stooges in Miami, and Trevor Ariza 2.0

[I read the news today: My twin sister Jen (left) and I celebrating the morning after the Lakers won the NBA Championship last season.]

Basketball season is hereeeee!!! Who else is pumped?! Kobe (cue "Nothing Comes Close To You"), Pau, Ron-Ron, Fisher, Odie "the long arm of the law", Go-Go-Gadget-legs Shannon, and some frsh new faces. Matt Barnes, Theo Ratliff, Steve Black, Derrick Caracter - and the one I'm really excited about - the new Trevor Ariza look alike.

 I never quite recovered from Ariza's departure. What a handsome thief he was. Hopefully Ariza 2.0 (Christian name Devin Ebanks) proves his rookie self to be worth while. Lakers 3-peat here we come! I just hope I can make it through the whole season without suffering from chronic eye-roll syndrome for all the talk there's going to be about the Three Musketeers of Miami. Gagggg.

[ And there's a lot more where this came from.]

Listening to: Bright Eyes' "Hot Knives"


  1. As a long-time Celtics fan, I can only say, "Wow! I didn't know you and Jen were twins"!!

  2. hahaha, twins with a vengeance! ariza 2.0? classic

  3. Trippy, isn't it JJ? Also, I got a little ahead of myself... this year is the year of the imminent THREE-peat. Eric Doerr caught me on that one: "@amy_hoodlum Someone can't count to three teehee. It's ok- Ron said 'Kobe #1/Durant #2/ LeBron ?' cause he can only count to two." Such a great reference haha.


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