Thursday, October 28, 2010

Deadlines, Alex Beeching, and My Love Affair With Constellations

The Bison Constellation by Alex Beeching]

I have a thing for stars the way Homer has a thing for beer. Meaning it's more than a thing, it's a sort of love affair. Every time I step outside at nighttime, the first thing I do is look to the sky in the hopes of a clear night and plenty of twinkling, holes to heaven. I'm planning a painting involving a hesh little kid looking to the stars, with wonderment in his eyes. It may end up being part of my "The Beatnicks, The Bastards and The Saints" project in fact. Boy is that lingering. (Someone give me a deadline so I'll get painting with a fury again!)

Anyways, I found these magical posters on, a great site for finding affordable art and prints. They're by a Scottish artist/illustrator named Alex Beeching. I may have to treat myself to a little birthday present and snatch one of these posters for the only remaining empty wall in my room. Yes, I have saved one wall in my room that I will leave blank until I am hit with the perfect decor for it over time. It will be my labor of love, but it will end up so much better than stressing to decorate the whole thing at once. 

There are still prints left of most of these on 20x200 if you too want your own indoor constellation. Then you don't have to pretend that airplanes are shooting stars when you really need a wish. Bad joke, but good song. 

The Bear Constellation

 The Constellation of The Elephant

Silver Horse

Momento Vitae

- Amy
Listening to: Well I'm really still listening to Jarrod Gorbel's "I'll Do Better," but that would be boring to relist it. So I'll give you another one on my current playlist - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Love Burns." I love these guys.


  1. hahahahha i could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.

    i wish: people always repeated the last three words of their sentences when they talked.

    these are lovely, darling girl.

  2. Wouldn't that make for hilarious conversation!?

  3. have you ever done any zodiac constellations? I'd love to see your rendition of the Aquarius symbol.


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